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What is the best GRE prep course? - Reddit


Another method would be just grind thru Kahn Academy and jump into an online GRE course when ready?

Best GRE course and prepping? - Reddit


Since you're wanting an online program, Magoosh is your answer. I'm surprised you haven't heard of it, yet! It's one of the most popular GRE prep courses online.

Best GRE Prep course : GREhelp - Reddit


Hi all, I'm planning to take GRE in 3 months and I graduated almost 10 years ago so I even dont know where to start but which online GRE prep course …

Preparing for the GRE through online courses. - Reddit


... the GRE at the end of August and I am looking online for the best online course test Verbal: Magoosh, GRE Big book (only for RC), greprepclub (just for daily ...

Best online prep class? : GRE - Reddit


I have about 5 months to study for the GRE. I need good scores. I feel like pulling out all the stops and doing an online class. I'll also be taking …

Best GRE Prep Courses : GREhelp - Reddit


I truly need as much help as I can get and think the best way to do that would be with a come the of tutor/mentor, preferably online. 12 comments.

Is there any consensus on the best GRE prep plan ... - Reddit


Kaplan also has good quant and vocab questions, but the plans are too costly. I'd say you can go for Magoosh's online course, and buy books ...

Best way to prep for GRE? : GradSchool - Reddit


Best way to prep for GRE? 1)DO NOT waste your time or money with Kaplan/​Princeton/Barron's etc.. they are inadequate and full of distracting typos. 2)Do use ...

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You can download 2 free exams on (the official site). I used the Kaplan book with the online code and have no complaints about it. It was pretty good ...

GRE prep classes - waste of money or worth it ... - Reddit


Hey all, I'm planning on taking the GRE soon and I've been figuring out how I For you, you would be just as benefited by getting a good test prep book (Go with I'm teaching students in China online and only making like 70/class and it ...

Don't know where to start! GRE prep - Reddit


I see all these promotions for GRE prep courses like Kaplan, Magoosh and Princeton prep. I purchased And remember, you do not need to pay for any prep material available online. Everything is available for free if you're good with google.

GRE Prep Course - Reddit


Has anyone had any luck with GRE prep courses? I am mostly interested in getting a good quantitative score (90th percentile or Are you interested only in taking an in-person course or are you open to taking an online self-study course?

Best GRE prep course/study advice - Reddit


Hi! I'm planning on taking the GRE sometime in July. I'm wondering if there are any study tips/suggestions? I was thinking of taking a prep course …

Blank check* offered for GRE prep course, which is best? - Reddit


Would you suggest an online class, in person, or something else? My test date is July 13th and I've been using a Princeton Review book to prep but I can't ...

Is Kaplan online prep course worth it? : GRE - Reddit


From the research I did, Kaplan is really good at marketing but not so great at actual test prep. I paid for an “online live class” through Princeton Review and the​ ...