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To order a sequence by the values of the elements themselves, specify the identity function ( x => x in Visual C# or Function(x) x in Visual Basic) for ...

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Jun 18, 2014 ... LINQ Orderby Descending Query · c# linq sql-order-by. I'm sure this will be a relatively simple one. I have a ...

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LINQ query syntax does not support OrderByDescending, ThenBy, ThenByDescending and Reverse. It only supports 'Order By' clause with 'ascending' and 'descending' ...

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Jul 20, 2015 ... In a query expression, the orderby clause causes the returned sequence or subsequence (group) to be sorted in either ascending or descending ...

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LINQ OrderBy Operator ... LINQ OrderBy operator comes first in LINQ Sorting Operators. OrderBy operator sort the sequence (collection) based on particular ...

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Operator, Description, C# Query Expression Syntax, VB Query Expression Syntax. OrderBy, The operator sort values in an ascending order, orderby, Order By.

Multiple column name in order by with LINQ


OrderBy(c => c.Category).ThenBy(n => n.Name) i found two sample code which shows how to use multiple column name with order by

Sorting data: the OrderBy() & ThenBy() methods - The complete C# ...


Sorting data: the OrderBy() & ThenBy() methods. So, now that we have learned through the previous article how to get data from the data source with LINQ and ...

LINQ (C#) – OrderBy & OrderByDescending Programming Example ...


This tutorial teaches you how to use OrderBy and OrderByDescending LINQ Operator to sort list in ascending order and descending order. In the next chapter, ...

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Sep 28, 2016 ... I needed to order a collection of properties in C# and I immediately grabbed for LINQ: var result = items.OrderBy (x => x.Name);.