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Training Academy — FBI


Training Programs. Basic Field Training Course. New Agent Trainees (NATs) and New Intelligence Analyst Trainees (NIATs) begin their training at the FBI ...

New Agent Training — FBI


The Basics. The training includes over 800 hours, including a variety of web-​based courses, in four major concentrations: academics, case exercises, firearms​ ...

National Academy — FBI


The FBI National Academy is a professional development course for U.S. and international law enforcement leaders National Academy Candidates. Leaders and ...

Classes Offered - FBI-LEEDA


The FBI-LEEDA Executive Board, staff and instructors express our heartfelt to the status of any of our leadership courses can be directed to [email protected] course is created to provide a strong foundation of best-practice training for ...

Online Distance Learning Program - FBI-LEEDA


Currently, FBI-LEEDA offers four courses via distance: basic, advanced supervisory liability, ethics and First Amendment. Each course runs four weeks (​24-credit ...

How to Become an FBI Agent: Education, Training, Application Guide


Before beginning field work, FBI agents must pass through New Agent Training at the FBI Academy. This approximately 20-week course is one of the most ...

FBI TRAINED | Office of Justice Programs


Nonfederal law enforcement personnel can receive top training at the FBI's National Academy (NA), established in 1935. Abstract. Since then, the NA has ...

The Academy | FBIJOBS


At the Academy, New Agents in Training (NATs) and New Intelligence Analysts in Training (NIATs) have the opportunity to train together in a collaborative ...

FBI Academy - Wikipedia


The academy provides several training programs, including Firearms, Hogan's Alley (a training complex simulating a small town), Tactical and Emergency Vehicle ... Program(s): Agency: Part of:

Free Training for Law Enforcement - Law Enforcement Cyber Center


FBI Cyber Shield Alliance – Virtual Academy Cyber Certification Program online training courses for law enforcement personnel investigating crimes with a​ ...

Free Online Course: Investigative Concepts: FBI Major Case #203 ...


The FBI Major Case #203, “Pizza Bomber” investigation will be utilized as a case study for this course. Taught by. Jerry Clark. Tags. usa. Related Courses.

Federal Training Programs - IADLEST


Training Opportunities for State, Local and Tribal Law Enforcement Arson and Explosives Training Programs Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI). FBI Law ...

Youth Leadership Program (YLP) - FBI National Academy Associates


The Youth Leadership Program is offered to the students at no charge. PROGRAM CORE ...

FBI Free Online Courses and MOOCs | MOOC List


This six-week course is designed to help the criminal justice student learn how to gather, analyze, and process data in the course of large scale criminal case ...

Complete Guide To FBI Agent Training Requirements |


The FBI Academy is the agency's national training facility located in Quantico, Virginia. It offers a variety of training programs for FBI employees, ...