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All French adjectives agree in number (singular or plural) and gender ... See Table 1 for a list of common adjectives in their masculine or feminine form.

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Oct 30, 2020 ... List of French adjectives – masculine and feminine · grand(e) – big/tall · petit(e) – small · bon(ne) – good · mauvais(e) – bad · beau/belle – beautiful ...

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In dictionaries, regular French adjectives are usually shown in the masculine singular form. You need to ... with masculine noun, with feminine noun. Singular, -, - ...

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belle, beautiful (with feminine person or noun)/ pretty ... vieux, old (masculine), long-standing, ancient.

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This is a master list of the 1,300+ French adjectives. The gender rules for the endings of masculine and feminine adjectives can be very confusing. Here you'll  ...

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English adjectives have a single form, but French adjectives can have up to 4* forms, ... 1) Masculine singular is the default form, to which the feminine and/or plural ... list of adjective lessons · Impersonal expressions: Il est / C'est + adjective  ...

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Adjectives in French usually come after the noun and can be masculine or feminine ... All French nouns have an arbitrary “gender” of masculine or feminine, which ... See the list below for the most common adjectives (in masc. singular form) ...

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adjectives ending in -e in the masculine form · sympathique -> sympathique nice · timide -> timide shy · complexe -> complexe complex · rouge -> rouge red · aimable ...

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When you conjugate them from masculine to feminine, watch out for them. This handy list contains all of the irregular adjectives in French you should be careful ...

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Jun 7, 2021 ... 4 – How do I make a French Adjective agree with a Feminine word? ... lists of common regular adjectives, and record them in the masculine ...