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The GDPR certification is given The EUGDPR Institute and The Information-​Security Institute by Copenhagen Compliance® and its partners that have approved ...

GDPR certification: What is it, and do you need it? | IT PRO


In short, no - certainly not if you're looking for a certificate demonstrating compliance. As mentioned above, there are currently no bodies empowered to audit and ...

4 GDPR-certification myths dispelled - IAPP


While indeed the GDPR certification is voluntary, as explicitly provided in Article 42(3) of the GDPR, meaning that a controller or processor is not ...

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Certification is a way to demonstrate your compliance with the UK GDPR and enhance transparency. Certification criteria should reflect the needs of small and ...



OFFICIAL EU CERTIFIED DATA PROTECTION EXCELLENCE. The European Institute for Privacy, Audit, Compliance and Certification (EIPACC) is a solid ...

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Take our GDPR courses to understand what you need to do to become compliant and ensure your organisation don't face a potentially substantial fine. GDPR ...

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Being GDPR certified means that you are legally compliant with the new European Union's Data Protection Regulation (GDPR). GDPR training gives the green ...

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GDPR compliance certification The legislation states that the application for certification is voluntary. However, your organization can still ...

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There's no way to get a GDPR compliance certification yet because there is currently no institution or body that offers such. There's no certifying agency for GDPR, ...

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GDPR certification refers to becoming legally compliant with the European Union's (EU) General Data Protection Regulation, or GDPR.

Art. 42 GDPR - Certification -


A certification pursuant to this Article does not reduce the responsibility of the controller or the processor for compliance with this Regulation and is without ...

Art. 43 GDPR - Certification bodies -


... to the certification or the withdrawal of such certification without prejudice to the responsibility of the controller or processor for compliance with this Regulation.

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QRC offers complete GDPR compliance and certification. Our services include Quarterly Health Check, GDPR Impact Assessment, Awareness Trainings ...

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Privacy and Data Protection, Certified GDPR Compliance. From theory With this course, students can opt for official EU certification and registration. Why this​ ...

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For many, being GDPR certified or obtaining GDPR certification is the holy grail. It provides proof that you comply with the GDPR and other data ...