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Designing Your Course. Outside of an academic setting, if someone asked you to design a "course, ...

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by Julie Dodd Designing a course is one of the challenging and rewarding Let me suggest four strategies for developing college courses and ...

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Course Design for Faculty. Alignment of course objectives, activities and assessments assures student learning. However, misalignment between the courses ...

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How to Design a College Level Curriculum Philosophy – A curriculum should be founded on a carefully thought-out philosophy of education and should be clearly​ ...

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Teach study skills that students need to succeed in university-level science courses; these skills are distinct from those required to succeed in high-school science ...

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Course Design Tutorial (Carleton College) This site provides a step-by-step approach to course planning starting with the development of goals for student ...

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, course design should be valued more than it is. Many of us began our college careers with a bit of teaching under our belts; we were tutors,. TAs in courses, or lab ...

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The course design can play a huge role in usability and student success. is assistant professor of education at Lenoir-Rhyne University.

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Course Design/Creating a Syllabus and Opportunities, from Michael Larkin and Donnett Flash (College Writing Programs, Lecturer Teaching Fellows Project​ ...

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Pinpoint the course goals Course content Develop the teaching methods and tools Decide on the method of evaluating the learning of your ...

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Designing a new course requires considered design, and collaboration of academic departments and key central services. To help you through this process ...

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This is a great place to start. Canvas Courses. Canvas is our Learning Management System (LMS) for MCCCD. View courses from a variety of colleges that use ...

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by Karin Kirk, Science Education Resource Center, Carleton College Jump down to communicating course content | using projects and case ...

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Are your students new to the university? What are students' motivations for taking the course? What might you expect students to know before the first class​?