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Writing Course Descriptions. The course description orients students by outlining the rationale for the course subject or theme, framing a brief overview of the ...

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Best Practices for Writing a Catchy Course Description 1. Add a course tagline 2. Define a course goal 3. Set learning objectives 4. Specify a course format 5.

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How to write successful course descriptions The description should run from 30 words to 120 words in length. The description should be divided ...

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At the end of this course… 5. Avoid using pronouns like “we” and “you” when writing courses descriptions and always write in the present tense a. Example:.

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Your course description should answer two primary questions: why and what. Why should students take this course, and what will they ...

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Why Do You Need Compelling Course Descriptions? Provide Catchy and Concise Course Details Include a personal benefit for the learner.

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Intensive practice in writing poetry. Analysis and criticism of students' work, as well as some critical study of published verse. May be repeated once for credit. LING ...

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The goal of any good course description is to convince a potential student to take your course! An ineffective course description contains words and phrases that ...

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into the course description of the curriculum is a confirmation that the methods stated will be used in the course. Descriptions of specific course implementations​ ...

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In writing a course description, be sure to include the following information: What will students learn in the course (i.e., knowledge, skills, attitudes, as opposed to ...

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Writing a Course Description. graphic courtesy of Introduction. Very often when one evaluates a syllabus there is a paragraph, often ignored ...

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Writing Effective Course Descriptions. 5701 Normandale Boulevard. Edina, MN 55424. 952-848-3952 [email protected] Thank you for your interest in​ ...

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How to: Write the perfect course description Grab their attention Put time into your overview Consider keywords Keep it simple Keep it short.