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25 Questions to Ask to Get the Story - The Storytelling Non-Profit


Tell me about what problem this program/service solves? · Can you tell me about a specific person who has used this program? · What was their life like before they ...

Sample Questions to Ask During an Informational Interview


You will not have time to ask all of the questions that you will want to ask the interviewee. Remember to focus on the ones you feel will be most useful to you ...

14 Interview Questions That Reveal Everything | HuffPost


Mar 4, 2013 ... By Jeff Haden, visit Inc. Interview questions: Everyone has them. And everyone wishes they had better ones.

How to Interview - How to Write a News Article - LibGuides at St ...


The most current information comes from the person who is living the story. To get a good interview, you need to prepare. Having questions prepared makes you ...

How to Conduct a Journalistic Interview | Scholastic


... a good interview. Learn more about journalistic interviews with these tips from Scholastic Kids Press Corps. ... News for Dogs. CD Playaway Audio ... with a partner. Become very familiar with your questions before you go into the interview .

How to Master Behavioral and Situational Interview Questions | On ...


Feb 10, 2021 ... Situational and Behavioral Interview Questions and Answers ... CPCC) is a certified career coach, speaker, author and U.S. News Careers .

Top 36 Journalism Interview Questions (Plus Answers) |


Feb 22, 2021 ... Interview questions with example answers · Can you explain some of your education and why you chose your major? · Do you aspire to work for ...

Common Job Interview Questions and How to Answer Them


Mar 8, 2021 ... Have you used our product/service? How would you improve our product/service ? What's your greatest strength? What's your greatest weakness ...

Conduct the Interview | Newspaper In Education


Place students in groups of three or four students each. Ask students to work together to write questions. ... What do you know about the person? Professional and ...

Interview Questions for a Newspaper Editor


Interview Questions for a Newspaper Editor. Plan, coordinate, or edit content of material for publication. May review proposals and drafts for possible publication.