A Complete Spanish Course for Beginners

This course is now available only on Udemy: This 44 lesson Spanish course for beginners that was created and produced here at the Web Spanish School. This is the introductory video where I will explain what you need to know about course before you begin. The course includes a study guide and complementary audios. You can work through the course independently, so no teacher is necessary. While we made the Spanish Awakenings course for adults who are just getting started with Spanish, it’s also suitable for people who studied Spanish years ago in high school or college, and who want to refresh their memory about some of the basic mechanics of the Spanish language. What will you learn if you follow these ? Well, among other things, you will learn how to present yourself, you will learn how to ask simple questions, how to order food, how to express your feelings, and you will learn how to share your opinions with others. That’s not a complete list, but suffice to say that you will learn enough Spanish to get across a simple message and to have a simple conversation. And that is not all. You will also develop foundation knowledge that you can continue to build on if you decide to keep studying with us afterwards. The title says it all: Spanish Awakenings. This course is a launching pad that will give you a solid start in learning Spanish. Visit to purchase the complete course:

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