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VBA Class Modules - The Ultimate Guide - Excel Macro Mastery


A VBA Class module is used to create your own custom objects in VBA. It is the VBA equivalent of the classes you find in languages such as C# and Java.

VBA Class Module Tutorial & Examples - Automate Excel


You can create a class module that will hold a large number of variables, and because it is an object, it can be used anywhere within your code, even on a user  ...

Program with class modules | Microsoft Docs


Sep 21, 2018 ... In Access 95, class modules existed only in association with a form or ... Have questions or feedback about Office VBA or this documentation?

VBA Class Modules and How to Use Them


VBA Class Modules and How to Use Them ... What is a Class in VBA? A class is a blueprint for an object to be created. A class itself does nothing but using classes ...

VBA Class Modules - Microsoft Office


Class modules are a special type of module that allow you to create your own customised objects. You can define the methods and properties for them and even ...