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Definition of IN / DURING / OVER THE COURSE OF SOMETHING (phrase): while something is happening or continuing.

Over the course of - Idioms by The Free Dictionary


over the course of. In or during the process of. Over the course of your employment in the company, were you ever aware or suspicious of any illicit financial ...

Meaning of over the course of time in English - Lexico


Meaning of over the course of time in English: over the course of time. (also in the course of time, in course of time). phrase. As time goes by. More example ...

Definition Over the course of the day | Gymglish


Definition: Over the course of the day - with Gymglish, online personalized daily English lessons for all levels. Free test.

"Through the course" vs. "over the course" - English Language ...


The first is certainly acceptable. Although I've heard the second example used, in my opinion it's not correct. It may perhaps be most charitably ...

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over the course of their terminal illness. ketika menerima perawatan untuk penyakit kronis mereka. and eventually, over the course of this rescue,. Dan kemudian ...

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Hi, Some dictionaries say "the course of" can be used with "over," "in," "during," and "throughout." I'm wondering if there's any difference among ...

Can I replace "during the course of ..." with "over the course of ... - italki


Hi friends, Can I replace the phrase "during the course of . 1) We have received your CV and you will be contacted over the course of next ...

over the course of my career | English examples in context | Ludwig


Sentence examples for over the course of my career from inspiring English sources I've been the same over the course of my career. "Judge me over the course ...

How to Use During the course of Correctly – Grammarist


What does During the course of mean? Learn the definition of During the course of & other commonly used words, phrases, & idioms in the English language.

Apa Arti "OVER THE COURSE OF" Dalam Bahasa Indonesia ...


Over the course of a century, things are going to happen in a house. Selama berabad-abad, tentu saja ada yang terjadi di sebuah rumah. The meaning of the​ ...

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WORDS RELATED TO IN THE COURSE OF. during. prepositionconcurrently with an activity, event. all along all ...

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Another way to say "over the course of": through the span of. Hello! It looks like you're using an ad-blocking tool. Please white-list this site within the settings of ...

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This system was created through joint efforts over the course of recent decades. 这一法律系统是在过去几十年里在共同努力下建立起来的。

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Many translated example sentences containing "over the course of a year" – English-Dutch dictionary and search engine for English translations.