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Piano Tuning and Repair Course FAQ – Piano Technician Academy


A Certified Piano Technician (CPT) is someone who has completed PTA's Piano Tuning and Repair course and is properly trained in all aspects of running a ...

Piano Tuning and Repair Online Course – Piano Technician Academy


ABOUT THE COURSE: We designed the Piano Tuning and Repair Course to help our student achieve the coveted "Certified Piano Technician" (CPT) status ...

Piano Technicians Guild


A Registered Piano Technician has passed a series of rigorous examinations on the maintenance, repair, and tuning of pianos and is the industry's proven seal ...

What Is An RPT? - PTG Main Site - Piano Technicians Guild


A Registered Piano Technician (RPT) has passed a series of rigorous examinations on the maintenance, repair, and tuning of pianos. Only RPTs are authorized ...

Piano Tuner | Berklee


Piano tuners, who are often professional pianists or instrument repair technicians​, According to the Piano Technicians Guild, which offers certification to its ...

Piano Technician Proficiency Certificate | Community College of ...


The Piano Technician Proficiency Certificate prepares students for a career in piano tuning and maintenance. Students in the certificate program are also ...

How to Become a Piano Tuner | Thimble


The Piano Technician Academy licenses Certified Piano Tuners (CPTS), while the Piano Technicians Guild allows members to apply as ...

Piano Tuning Certification - Become A Piano Tuner-Technician ...


American School of Piano Tuning offers affordable piano tuning certification courses to help you become a piano tuner and technician. Read our reviews here!

How do I become a piano tuner? - Pianoforte Tuners' Association


Learning to become a piano tuner/technician was traditionally via apprenticeship. It may still be possible to find some companies that can offer an apprenticeship ...

How to Become a Piano Tuner-Technician - Careers in Music


“Primarily, Piano Technicians are called in to tune the piano, but other repairs and services are commonly needed in addition to tuning. Piano ...

How to Become A Piano Tuner/Technician - First Steps - YouTube


A question I hear often is, "How do I become a piano technician". This video is the first in a ...

Piano Technician Job Duties and Education Requirements


A piano technician does not have to have formal education, but training programs and certifications are available, including college degree ... Projected Job Growth (2019-2029)*: Median Salary (2019)*:

Piano Technician Training Programs and Degree Information


Although piano technicians are not required to be licensed, qualified professionals who pass three technical exams can obtain Registered Piano ...

LMF31508 - Certificate III in Piano Technology -


This qualification is typically used to develop skills and a breadth, depth and complexity of knowledge in piano repair and tuning techniques and ... LMFPT3005A - Re-string and re-pin a piano: LMFPT3006A - Regulate action, keys and pedals of upright pianos: LMFPT3004A - Rebuild upright and grand piano action, keys and pedals: LMFGN3001B - Read and interpret work documents:

The Year I Became a Piano Tuner - The Billfold


Can you really make $80 an hour tuning pianos? In the winter of 2014, I decided to become a piano tuner after dropping out of an course (American School of Piano Tuning) and you do not need a license or certificate.