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There is no governing body that determines the various levels, but most Reiki schools or organizations have a beginning, intermediate and Reiki master level.

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The Beginning classes can take two days and cost about $200, while a Reiki master program can cost around $1,600 and take a year or more to complete. Reiki ...

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Two-day classes provide maximum opportunity for discourse and self-discovery. Upon completion, the student will have certification to teach. Class fee is $750 per ...

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Anyone can give you a Reiki certification if you purchase their course, but only a few experienced Reiki master teachers can make you understand and feel the ...

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So, if you visit a Reiki practitioner, plan on paying out of pocket. The cost of a session varies according to the experience of the provider, whether or not they are ...

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One way to find a Reiki master is to ask friends that practice Reiki with whom they the Reiki master's teaching experience and classes (scheduling, fee, etc).

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Reiki Training 3 – Practitioner Level 3 (Master); Reiki Training 4 – Master Teacher. Course fees include a manual and a certificate that is approved by the ...

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In Tibetan Usui Reiki classes, the energy that is passed from teacher to Cost $250. Pre-requisite Level 1 certification by any teacher and in any Reiki tradition.

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The joys of becoming a Reiki Master are many and you don't necessarily have requiring you to take additional sub-levels or degrees and pay additional fees?

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Who is this post for? If you want an affordable online Reiki Healing Certification, have a budget between $50 – $300 and want the best bang for your buck, you will ...

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Reiki Courses Fee & Services. Level 1. Level 2. Teacher Level 3. Master Level 4. In this session we will cover the Basic about Reiki. - The Level 1 Attunement.

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Curious what it takes to become a reiki master? Here's an intro to what's taught during each level of training and what to expect during the ...

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Class cost is $160 per person. Reiki 2: Cost of Class is $175 per person. In this class you will learn : sharing effects from Reiki 1, questions and answers ...

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Explore the benefits of an education in Reiki energy healing at SWIHA. Reiki is one of the more widely known forms of energy healing. supplies to be paid for separately and not included in the concession toward the total cost of tuition.

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Reiki class fee. Did your mom ever tell you (as mine did), “You get what you pay for?” Low fees might indicate low confidence, ...