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Play with the Rubik's Cube simulator, calculate the solution with the online solver, learn the easiest solution and measure your times.

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To play, please use a supported hardware configuration and the latest version of one of these browsers: Chrome · Firefox · Safari. 0.

Online Rubik's Cube Simulator


Play with the 3D Rubik's Cube simulator online. Press the scramble button and try to figure out the solution and practice.

Rubik's Cube


Rubik's Cube. May 19, 2014. Click here for the interactive version! This Doodle's Reach. This day in history. Celebrating Jang Yeong-sil. Nicholas Winton's 111th ...

Rubik's Cube Explorer


Hi. I am Ernő Rubik's magic cube.

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Rubik's Master (4x4) Online Solution. The Rubik's Master (4x4) is solved similar to Rubik's Cube (3x3) with a few extra steps called parities. Get to Know Your ...

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Secrets of the Rubiks Cube Online Camp. Mon May 31, 2021 - Mon Aug 30, ... Price: $110 / week. Location: Young Gates-KIds Online Personalized Classes.

Rubik's Cube Solver - The Best Free Online App


The online Rubik's Cube solver calculates the steps needed to solve a scrambled Rubik's Cube. Enter the colors of your puzzle and let the program find the ...

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Mar 18, 2020 ... If you have, you know how complex, yet exciting it is to solve it! And now you don't even need the cube to play – you can master it online by ...