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Is getting a Six Sigma Certification worth it? : MBA - Reddit


At my first job out company got six sigma certified. I got to green belt level. It's a complete croc of shit, but people like it. I've had no use for it as an SE but my GF ...

Lean Six Sigma Belts worth it? (Recent Grad ... - Reddit


I would like to know if it is worth self-investing in the Lean Six Sigma Green belt and doing this myself without any company support. Is it worth the effort if I do not​ ...

How do I get started on the Six Sigma Certification ... - Reddit


My current company does not do any sort of six sigma certification but i feel if i want to go into manufacturing/production and or process …

How valuable is Six Sigma certification? How is the ... - Reddit


How is the certification leveraged in industry and during the job hunt? I know lean and six sigma is useful everywhere, but in manufacturing and operations is ...

Six Sigma - Reddit


Green Belt Certification. Has anyone been certified through ASQ? Looking to start my certification but have some questions. 14. 37 comments. share. save. 6.

Is it worth it do Six Sigma Yellow Belt and Green Belt from ... - Reddit


Know that green belt requires a project in which you apply six sigma principles to a real world problem. In person courses usually help you find such a project.

Best Six Sigma Cert? : consulting - Reddit


Looking to pursue a Six Sigma Yellow and then green/black belt and was looking for opinions on programs. Company doesn't provide one or any …

Is Lean Six Sigma Green Belt worth it? : AskEngineers - Reddit


I may have an opportunity to get certified as a green belt in lean six sigma Besides, a lot of companies want you to do lean/6 sigma training through them.

Is this really what a Six Sigma Black Belt test is? : statistics - Reddit


78 votes, 68 comments. So, I've always looked down on Six Sigma. Part of this is because I'm an IE (industrial engineer) and Six Sigma is …

What is the general feeling towards Six Sigma ... - Reddit


So I have my lean six sigma black belt cert. And my previous employer in manufacturing said it would help to have an engineer with this skill set to run ...

Six Sigma Certification Worth it?: engineering - Reddit


69 votes, 38 comments. I'm about to graduate in the spring and I was thinking about getting my Lean Sigma Yellow Belt Certification. I was just …

Any thoughts on six sigma certification? : AskEngineers - Reddit


Also I know at my company you have to actually work on an applied 6 sigma project in order to be certified. 12. Share. Report Save.

Has anyone passed the ASQ Six Sigma Green Belt without ... - Reddit


14 votes, 15 comments. Hello everybody, The reason I'm asking this is because I'​m very interested in taking the ASQ CSSGB test but I'd rather not …

How impressive is something like a Six Sigma Green Belt ... - Reddit


30 votes, 24 comments. I'm basically in IT Tech/financial analysis and project management. Is a Six Sigma cert worth the money?

Lean Six Sigma Cert? : ITCareerQuestions - Reddit


34 votes, 24 comments. Anyone work in IT and have the Lean Six Sigma certification, any belt level? Was it worth obtaining? What specific part of IT …