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Passing the Tableau Desktop Certified Associate Exam: My Journey ...


In short, the test was by no means easy, but with time and adequate preparation you'll be successful. I'd say a good 7-8 months of Tableau use ...

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Why certify? Analytical reasoning is the #3 most-needed hard skill in 2020, according to LinkedIn. Tableau Certification allows you to stand out against competition ...

Passing the Tableau Desktop Certified Associate Exam on version ...


In this blog, I will go through the whole process of passing the Tableau Desktop Certified Associate exam from regitration to receiving your ...

I got Tableau Certified… You can too!!! | by Saahithi Jyothy ... - Medium


I have taken the Tableau 10 Desktop QA (Qualified Associate) exam in February 2018 and attained 89%. I would not say the exam is easy or difficult because ...

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The exam consists of 36 questions, both theoretical and practical. All questions must be answered to complete the test, but there is no penalty for ...

How I cracked the Tableau Desktop Qualified Associate Exam


This certification has helped me build and prove my forte, in Tableau. sample test and they might be a lot more difficult in the Tableau exam.

How to Prepare for your Tableau Specialist or ... - The Data School


I passed the Tableau Desktop Qualified Associate exam today! Note that the Specialist exam is a new exam type and the QA has not increased in difficulty with ...

How difficult is Tableau Desktop certification? - Intellipaat


Tableau Desktop Specialist certification is a very foundational level certification that Tableau offers. But, anyone cannot guarantee the difficulty ...

Tableau certification test is harder than it used to be... : tableau


Thanks to the whole getting rid of the Delta exam, I had to retake the QA exam now that my 2 year certification It was a more difficult than I thought it would be.

How to Pass the Tableau Desktop Specialist Certification Exam | by ...


I recently passed the Tableau Desktop Specialist Certification exam with a score of 97%. This is my experience preparing for and taking the ...

How hard is the Tableau Desktop Specialist exam? - Blog


It is the easiest level of certification that Tableau offers and has no expiration date​, unlike the more advanced certifications that are only valid for two or three years.

Tableau Certification: Everything You Wanted To Know But Were ...


How do you know whether your skill level is sufficient to have a good chance of passing? How tough are the questions? What's the best way to ...

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The difficulty of the Tableau certification will vary depending on the type of platforms like Udemy, Lynda, and Coursera offer free Tableau training and courses.

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Last Tableau Conference, I passed the Tableau Desktop Qualified Associate exam. It was more difficult than the study guide implied, but I was able to pass.