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: to send someone a copy of (an email, letter, or memo) cc an email to a coworker also : to send a copy to (someone) He cc'd me on his reply. cc. abbreviation (1).

What Does It Mean to CC Someone in an Email?


Jul 28, 2019 ... CC stands for “Carbon copy” and like the name says it basically makes a copy of the actual email. This comes from the typical use placing carbon ...

Email Etiquette – When should you use BCC and CC?


Feb 21, 2016 ... CC someone in when you are sending a message to someone else but you're allowing the people in the CC line to be kept in the loop and you ...

What does CC Mean in Email | How to use CC in Email


Jun 4, 2020 ... The CC field allows you to send a copy of the email with any recipient of your choice. In most cases, the CC field is used to keep someone in the ...

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Originally, "cc" written on a paper letter meant that someone else had been sent a carbon copy of the letter. Carbon paper is not used to make ...

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Cc definition, carbon copy (def. 1). ... verb (used with object), cc'ed or cc'd, cc·'ing. ... or the like) to someone: Jim, please cc this to each of the department heads.

What Does CC Mean in Email, and How to Use it Properly


It's a way to copy someone without advertising the fact that you're copying them. Finer Points on the ...

How to CC Someone on a Document – Help Center


Jul 15, 2021 ... If you would like to CC someone on a signature request, simply hit the"+ Add CC" button after you've gone through the editor: ...

Email Etiquette: When Is CC vs BCC the Best Strategy?


Oct 10, 2011 ... Instead of cc'ing someone, cut the information you want to share from your original email and paste it into a new message to the person you ...

Automatically Cc (carbon copy) someone on every email you send ...


Automatically Cc (carbon copy) someone on every email you send ... In Microsoft Outlook, you can specify that for all messages that you send, an automatic carbon  ...