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A course description is a short, pithy statement which informs a student about the subject matter, approach, breadth, and applicability of the course focuses on ...

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The course description orients students by outlining the rationale for the course subject or theme, framing a brief overview of the key content, knowledge and ...

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In writing a course description, be sure to include the following information: What will students learn in the course (i.e., knowledge, skills, attitudes, as opposed to ...

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Note: All upper division GE courses meet the Writing Intensive (WI) requirement. It does not need to be stated in the course description. Examples: ENGL 254.

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What Is a Course Description? A course description can be defined succinctly as '​all the relevant details of your course.' This is a simplistic description and rather ...

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Course descriptions report information about a university or college's classes. They're published both in course catalogs that outline degree ...

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Course descriptions are a driving force behind the enrollment decisions our students make. Please keep this in mind when constructing each description, ...

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The Job of a Course Description. Your course description should answer two primary questions: why and what. The First Sentence (or Two): Why.

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Minimum requirements to pass our Quality Review Process; Examples of good course descriptions; How to edit your course description on ...

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Detailed course outlines should include an overall course description, detailed list of topics covered, list of textbooks used, grading practices, number of weeks ...

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Introduction. Very often when one evaluates a syllabus there is a paragraph, often ignored by students, that is labelled “Course Goals or Course Objectives”.

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Your description should focus upon the content of the course or the learner, not upon the course itself or you as the teacher. To attract learners, ...

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Course description vs. course objectives vs. course student learning outcomes (​SLOs). The difference between these three concepts is frequently a cause for ...