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How to use the HLOOKUP function in Excel to locate specific data from a row in a table.

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HLOOKUP in Excel stands for 'Horizontal Lookup'. It is a function that makes Excel search for a certain value in a row (the so called 'table array'), in order to ...

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HLOOKUP stands for Horizontal Lookup and can be used to retrieve information from a table by searching a row for the matching data and outputting from the ...

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Excel HLOOKUP Function ... The Excel HLOOKUP function finds and retrieve a value from data in a horizontal table. The "H" in HLOOKUP stands for "horizontal",  ...

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Description. The Microsoft Excel HLOOKUP function performs a horizontal lookup by searching for a value in the top row of the table and returning the value in ...

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Microsoft Excel defines HLOOKUP as a function that “looks for a value in the top row of a table or array of values and returns the value in the same column from a  ...

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Jul 12, 2021 ... The HLOOKUP function looks for a value in the top row of the lookup table. In this example, we'll find the sales total for a selected region. We want ...

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Dec 14, 2016 ... The HLOOKUP function performs a horizontal lookup - it searches for a lookup value at the top-most row of the table and returns a value located a ...

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Jan 14, 2002 ... It can be used in all versions of Microsoft Excel. VLOOKUP and HLOOKUP are functions in Excel that allow you to search a table of data and ...

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Nov 12, 2015 ... HLookup searches for a value in the top row of a table and then returns a value in the same column. The VLookup function displays the searched ...